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The following pages of this website will provide you with the most current injury statistics in Canada. You will be able to look at Injury mortality and hospital separations by province and territory, by age group, and over time. Both graphs and tables will be displayed and instructions will be available for downloading the information to your personal computer. Please select a section below that is most appropriate and you will be taken to a new page where you can select various choices on the data you wish to see.


How to Use Canadian Injury Surveillance On-Line

This section contains some of the limitations of the data provided, how to interpret the results properly, the source of the data as well as the methods used to calculate the statistics and where to go for more information.

Leading Causes of Injury Deaths and Hospitalizations

This section contains the leading causes of hospitalization separations or deaths for Canadians in 2005, listed by injury type and age group. All intents are included, along with the leading unintentional causes for each age group.

Injury Maps

This section contains maps of Canada that display Injury mortality/hospital separations in geographic locations where rates are higher or lower than average, consistent with the existing Disease Surveillance Online applications. Standardized Rates are available for generating comparative maps for the Provinces/Territories of Canada. User will have access to mortality (2005) and hospital separations (2005/2006) with choice of injuries.

Injury Mortality/Hospital Separations Charts

Enter this section to produce charts using Canadian injury Mortality data and Hospital Separation data. Charts can be generated for virtually any combination of Chart Type, Province/Territory, Year, Age Group, Injury and Sex.

Mechanism of Injury Mortality (2005) / Hospital Separations (2005/2006) by Intent

Produce a table for the selected Injury Mechanism(s), Area(s), Age Group(s) and Sex.


This section contains definitions in non-technical language for most of the technical terms used on this site. Definitions for technical terms are also provided throughout Canadian Injury Surveillance On-Line. By clicking on the underlined term you will be taken to the word in the Glossary. From the Glossary page, please use your browser's [BACK] button to return to your previous selection page.